Mileage correction can be performed on modern vehicles that use electronic dashboards with digital components, displaying the mileage on the instrument cluster. If the unit is replaced or becomes faulty, mileage correction will be required to restore the original value.

Using ‘state of the art’ & dedicated mileage correction equipment, we provide correction services for all vehicle types up to the current year. We provide a reliable and mobile service at your home or office location.

Reasons for Mileage Correction?

If you have replaced your Instrument Cluster with a brand new unit it will be delivered with zero mileage and will require programming to the correct value. If you have purchased a second hand unit it will have higher or lower mileage and will require correction. We can provide correction for your mileage and also reset your service indicator to the desired interval.

Some vehicles such as Peugeots suffer electrical faults which can cause corrupt data and a value upwards of 500,000 miles. Also the majority of newer vehicles are prone to damage if they are jumped started and can corrupt the mileage value along with other important vehicle data. If you vehicle has been damage in this way, please give us a call and we can advise what components may have been affected.

Is Mileage Correction Safe?

Mileage Correction is absolutely safe if carried out by a professional!

How is my mileage corrected?

Every vehicle has a different method for mileage correction depending on the electronic equipment the manufacturer has installed. Correction is achieved either by diagnostic programming via the OBDII port, or a direct connection to the EEPROM or Micro Controller on the instrument cluster that stores the mileage data. Direct connection to the instrument cluster will require removal and strip-down of your instrument cluster. However, we are experts in this field and your vehicle will be restored to its original condition with no indication that it has been taken apart.

Is the mileage stored in multiple locations?

This is dependent on your vehicle. The majority of vehicles store the mileage within the Instrument Cluster only. The remaining store the mileage in 2, 3, 4 locations such as ECU, body control unit, alarm module and even the car keys.  We program all required locations during the service. Our industry leading equipment provides full technical information on your vehicle and we finish the service with ‘dealer level’ diagnostics to check all on-board controls units are updated to manufacturer specification.

Is Mileage Correction legal?

Adjusting the vehicle digital mileage is NOT illegal. It is completely legal to change the mileage on your vehicle if you have a genuine reason for correcting the mileage. Our services must be used with the intention that they are for legitimate reasons. By accepting our service the customer acknowledges this to be true. You must note that if a customer sells the vehicle on to someone else then it is the seller’s responsibility to inform the new buyer of the changes to the mileage display.

How much does Mileage Correction cost?

Price depends on the make, model and year of your vehicle as every vehicle has a different process for correction. Simply give us a call or send an enquiry and we will confirm the price and also advise you how long the service will take. Remember we provide a mobile service and can visit your home or office location, or you are welcome to come to our office in Nuneaton.

We provide professional & guaranteed service and will match or beat any genuine quotation. Furthermore once we have quoted you a price then it will be honoured. We will not start work on your vehicle and then increase the price half way through the service, this is not a business practice we adopt and never will. However, If your vehicle has been damaged by previous poor workmanship, further work may be required to correct the issue and it may result in additional charges. Therefore it is crucial that you provide as much information on any previous work that has been carried out.